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Holwell Rifle Club was formed in 1947 as the Holwell Works Rifle Club .... until 1997 the club occupied a small prefabricated building close to its present location. That year it moved to its present building which was built by the members with financial assistance from the National Lottery Fund.  For a more in depth explanation see “History”

In 2006, following the lead of the Holwell Sports & Social Club, Holwell Rifle Club became a Community Amateur Sports Club. The club is affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) and Leicestershire and Rutland Smallbore Rifle Association.

Shooting Disciplines

All shooting is conducted under National Smallbore Rifle Association Rules

The club currently supports the following disciplines:

.22 prone rifle               .22 3 position rifle                 Lightweight sporting rifle

20 yard air pistol                                                                 Benchrest .22 rifle    

10 metre air rifle for visually impaired shooters

10 metre air rifle         10 metre air pistol

Further details of the disciplines may be found in the FAQ Section


The most common form of competition in smallbore shooting is the “Postal League”. Shooters shoot their targets on their home range and the targets or the scores are sent to a scrutineer who then publishes the results in the form of a league table. Postal competitions are run in all disciplines and are organised on a classification system that ensures that individuals or teams compete with those of similar ability. There is no need to reach a certain standard to start to compete, as long as you can shoot safely than there is a suitable competition available, at club, county or national level.  Competition is not obligatory, but it does add greatly to enjoyment of the sport.

Some competitions and championships are held throughout the country at various venues and are usually ‘open’ to all comers. The classification system is applied so that you only shoot against those of a similar standard to yourself

Looking down the wrong end of a .22 rifle!